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h: 5'3"
hw: 142
sw: 138.5
cw: 138
gw : 118

I went to China’s Yellow Mountain, which is basically a mountain of steps, like those in the first picture. At one point the stairs become a pretty much a straight climb upward for about half a mile with no breaks in between. We climbed for about three hours to our hotel (which isn’t the top; you have to climb further to get to the peak). And by then, my legs were two sticks of jelly.

The next day we kept climbing along the mountainsides, and in the second and third picture, the spots of color are people climbing up and down. It was actually pretty cool.

Along the way you can see people (fourth picture) who bring up supplies to the hotels and little souvenir shops on the mountain, which must be crazy hard work because those packs of water bottles probably weighed a shit ton. And there I was complaining about my backpack.

It was really painful climbing up, but looking back it was a good exercise and an amazing experience.